The Methods of Recruitment of Victims for Human Trafficking and How Corruption enables this practice

The traffickers

Photo Credit: CNN


I am interested in exploring the methods by which pimps and the perpetrators of human trafficking recruit their victims into this horrid practice, and the authorities that turn a blind eye to this practice and allow it to happen. Most human trafficking recruiters use various methods of coercion, including physical, emotional, material, or psychological promises or threats. They employ various different tactics to get their victims depending on the types of work.  For sex trafficking, recruits often profess a false love or relationship to the woman to create a false pretense of emotional connection to them.  Victims for sex trafficking are often young adolescent women, although not always, and are contacted through social media, getting lured in by promises of male attention from online.  Woman who fall for these lures are often living in a family life devoid of some kind of male relationship. For labor trafficking, recruiters often make promises of low cost housing or living, travel visas, or better life, only to turn on them once they reach their destination and trap them in debt bondage. Recruiters for labor trafficking are able to do this by keeping the initial terms of their agreement with the victim vague and unclear so as to turn deceive them into forced bondage.  In both types of trafficking, specific demographics of people are targeted, including victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, war, or discrimination. In all cases, these victims forced into this slavery due to the trafficker exploiting and manipulating each person’s vulnerable aspects.

Why is this allowed to occur? Corruption in various levels of society and government are one of the reasons why human trafficking is continuing to occur. As one study suggests, human trafficking and corruption are mutually beneficial practices which support each other. This study found that in some cases, police or other government officials often accepted bribes or restitution to turn a blind eye to the operation.  If these officials were held accountable for this, human trafficking would immediately become less prevalent around the world. Another international study concluded that both corruption and human trafficking are intrinsically linked and are often neglected when addressing the issues surrounding human trafficking.  In addition, there are private organizations, such as construction companies, travel agencies, and other non-governmental services that are not as closely watched as government agencies. Government regulation is working to hold companies accountable by forcing them to show how they react to human trafficking in relation to production of their products. One of the primary issues with this model is having companies consistently apply this requirement globally.

Recruiters more often than not take advantage of people’s emotions or vulnerabilities in order to coerce them into being trafficking, and are enable to do this because of private, government, and corporate corruption.


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